Publish Your Press Release

Press releases that run on free of charge include:

  • Announcements about charity work from healthcare providers or revenue cycle management service  providers (RCM companies, collection agencies, debt buyers, and collection law firms/attorneys, software/technology vendors)
  • Association announcements about advocacy efforts, leadership changes, or industry developments
  • Executive change announcements from healthcare providers
  • Patient finance-related government announcements

A fee of $100 per insertion (or $1,000 for unlimited postings in a year) applies for press releases that are commercial in nature, including:

  • General product/service announcements from RCM service providers
  • Alliance/remarketing agreements between RCM service providers
  • Certification announcements from RCM service providers (such as data security certification compliance)
  • General announcements from RCM service providers (such as new clients or partnerships)

Running a press release on not only guarantees distribution within our healthcare provider community, but it also gives your announcement the chance to be seen by a broader audience. is optimized for search engine news — all of our content appears on Google News and other top news search engines – and the high regard with which Google holds will help to ensure that content about your firm on our site will appear prominently in search results for your company’s name.

To submit a press release, download and complete this form [PDF].

If you have a question, please call Patrick Lunsford at 240-499-3828