Managing ICD-10 Conversions for Smaller Healthcare Providers

While large hospital chains can hire consultants and project management experts to shepherd them through the ICD-10 conversion, how does a smaller physician group with limited resources make the Oct. 1, 2014 deadline?

Late last month, Dr. Ginger Boyle, a family physicians from Spartanburg, Tenn., was the guest of the CMS National Provider Call Program and gave a wide-ranging talk on “Preparing Physicians for ICD-10 Implementation.”


If you missed the teleconference, don’t fear. Dr. Boyle left behind her slides, which contain a tremendous amount of valuable information that will be useful to any sized practice, whether you are in a large medical group or a small family practice. You can download them here:  (You must be logged in to download this file. Don't have an account? Register for free and you'll be returned to this page.)

Dr. Boyle developed the coding education program for her hospital and its family practice residency program. Her presentation is aimed at medical coders, physicians, physician office staff, nurses and other non-physician practitioners, provider billing staff, health records staff, vendors, educators, system maintainers, laboratories, and all Medicare FFS providers. In it, she covers the following:

  • Transitioning to ICD-10: practical pointers for providers
  • Overview of ICD-10 implementation requirements
  • Plans for Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and National Coverage Determination (NCD) ICD-10 conversions
  • National implementation issues and plans

The CMS National Provider Call Program presents teleconferences on a wide range of topics of interest to healthcare professionals.To learn more visit the program’s web page here.

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