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insidePatientFinance.com is the only dedicated source of daily news and actionable information for healthcare business professionals who are responsible for increasing patient revenues and minimizing bad debt.

insidePatientFinance.com publishes the latest news, best practices, whitepapers, case studies, and information to help organizations from the largest hospital system to the smallest clinic understand the specialized field of patient collections. Throughout the week we:

  • Showcase the latest tools and business processes that our readers can implement today
  • Present best practices, vetted by practitioners in the field to insure they are reliable and workplace-tested
  • Keep you in front of revenue cycle management, business process, and medical debt collection trends, laws, and regulations—content that uniquely applies to the  work you do every day
  • Provide a platform where useful conversations about ideas that matter—billing practices, reimbursement challenges, POS collections, back office support, or software and analytics tools—can take place all in one place, without having to leave your desk or scour the Internet for bits and pieces of the knowledge you need
  • Share lots of relevant information—news, informed opinion, downloadable white papers and case studies, information graphics, and more—at no cost to our readers.

Simply put, we cover topics that affect the healthcare system, individual hospitals and physicians, and patients’ wallets. Whether you’re involved in patient billing, or whether you’re a patient with a bill, we’ll do our best to help you make sense of it all.

insidePatientFinance.com is produced by the group that is known as the gold standard in publishing for the broader debt collection community, insideARM.com. Tens of thousands depend on our news and insight each day to be informed about trends, best practices in compliance, and regulatory developments.